This is your chance to make a statement on the ROE Act.

It could be YEARS before we get another chance if we don’t pass the ROE Act by July 31st when the MA legislative session ends. CONTACT your STATE REP & STATE SENATOR TODAY! Let’s do this!

ACTION: Sign the petition

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Contact your state lawmakers


The Judiciary Committee has approved an extension to the ROE Act to July 31!

Be ready to take action!

This bill could be voted out of committee and brought to the floor for a vote anytime (we hope!). Email Linda, our liaison to the Coalition, to be a “rapid responder” ready to call your rep and senator when there is any action taken on this bill:

ALSO, the Supreme Court of the United States is expected to release an opinion soon on June Medical Services v. Russo, a decision that will impact abortion access for millions of people and could decide the future of abortion rights. The decision is expected to be released anytime before June 30.

The national spotlight on abortion created by this decision will be an important opportunity to highlight the urgency with which Massachusetts must move forward as so many forces are pushing us back in time.

On the day the decision is released, the ROE Act Coalition will let Linda know and set up an emergency call. They will aim to have that call within the subsequent 24 hours, so we can debrief the decision, share messaging, and discuss an action plan.

Here are possible responses that we may be asked to take:

  • Immediate Digital Action - We will supply you with sample social media posts as well as graphics.

  • Engagement in Collaborative Press Activities

  • Some sort of mobilization ask - Depending on the timing of the decision, the status of the ROE Act and the legislature’s progress in addressing COVID-related emergency needs, there are several actions we may be asking people to take, ranging from a petition to legislative contact. This ask will not be final until the Supreme Court decision is released.

If you can commit to participating in rapid response to the decision in June Medical Services v. Russo, please let us know by emailing Olivia at or contact

Find out if your lawmakers support the ROE Act.

Click HERE for more information about the ROE Act.

Please help ensure reproductive rights in Massachusetts!