No Cost Calls

Please help push the Senate and House to pass No Cost Calls legislation ASAP!

Let’s #KeepFamiliesConnected and urge our legislators to pass S.2846.

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Support Justice for Black Lives

  1. Sign the petition to stand with the Minnesota Black Visions Collective and Reclaim the Block in their demand to defund the police and redirect funding to community health and safety strategies.

  2. Donate to Black-led organizations leading the response to police violence and demanding justice for Black lives across the country right now—in Minneapolis, Florida, and Louisville—to ensure they have the resources they need in this moment:

    Donate to Black Visions Collective (Minneapolis)

    Donate to Reclaim the Block (Minneapolis)

    Donate to Dream Defenders (Florida)

    Donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund (Louisville)

  3. Support the Dream Defenders. Dream Defenders was founded after a group of students marched from Daytona to Sanford, Florida to protest Trayvon Martin’s death and the failure to arrest his killer George Zimmerman. The organization is bringing young people together across differences to fight for real safety for our communities—not police prisons and deportation, but healthcare, housing, green jobs, and education for all. Their political vision is called The Freedom Papers.

    Wallace, Sunrise Florida: To me, the vision it articulates is not too different from the world I imagine with a Green New Deal—a world of safety, security, true freedom, and justice for all.

To all environmentally concerned:

Please sign this petition requesting action on environmental legislation NOW from our MA legislators. The petition is written by local folks and does not ask for money!

You can SIGN HERE.

Climate change is happening everywhere, but its impacts hit non-white communities the hardest. Black and brown communities need to be front and center of climate solutions, and we cannot ignore the many forms of oppression these communities face, from a disproportionate burden of fossil fuel pollution to racist policing policies.That’s why this week, we’re speaking out against police violence. Campaign Zero has many ways to fight police brutality at the city, state and federal level. We hope you’ll consider donating too.To learn more about how racial justice is connected to climate justice, here’s some suggested reading:

Black Environmentalists Talk About Climate and Anti-Racism

I’m a black climate expert. Racism derails our efforts to save the planet.

Why racial justice is climate justice