May 17, 2023

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April 18, 2023

Frustrated by the national news? Remember MAGA is causing that sh*tstorm on purpose to distract us from taking action where we can make a difference.

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SAVE THE DATE : Wednesday, April 26

TAKE ACTION FORUM 7-8:30p on Zoom, featuring guest speakers from Our Climate.

Feb 22, 2023

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the impending inclement weather, we will only be meeting in Zoom for tonight’s Take Action Forum.

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Feb 21, 2023

Hope that you can join us and co-host Indivisible Lab for our first Take Action Forum of 2023! We will be meeting in-person at the Reuben Hoar Library in Littleton and via Zoom Feb 22, Wednesday, 6:45p.

Jonathan Cohn, Policy Director of Progressive Mass is our featured speaker!

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Jan 31, 2023

As our newsletter Editor-in-Chief Christine writes, “Before we start the Massachusetts Legislature’s two year cycle to pass bills, the rules are voted on. You’ve seen how essential McCarthy’s rules have been to disrupt democracy in the US House, and Beacon Hill is no different.”

Act On Mass tells it like it is HERE.

Jan 24, 2023

Thank you for your letters and phone calls! Last Wednesday, Margaret Scarsdale was sworn in as the duly elected representative to the 1st Middlesex after the unanimous committee report was adopted by the House. This means that her district, without representation since last February, will now have a voice, including being able to file legislation.

The same is not true for Kristin Kassner of 2nd Essex. Remember that Mariano swore in the losing Republican in her place. We cannot allow this to stand. The newly redistricted 2nd Essex elected her, and her recount was certified by Sec. Galvin and the Governor’s Council. It will only embolden the GOP if we allow Blue Massachusetts to be an example of election denialism.

Write or Call to demand that Kristin Kassner be sworn in:

  1. Easy Email template from Progressive Mass is here

  2. Call Speaker Mariano at 617-722-2500

  3. Call or email committee member Rep Michael Day here

  4. Call or email committee member Rep Daniel Ryan here

  5. Call or email committee member Rep Brad Jones here

Write a Letter To The Editor

Massachusetts House Speaker Ronald Mariano dealt a serious blow to the democratic process in the Commonwealth when he decided to form a Special Committee to Examine the Returns in the victories of state Representatives-elect Kristen Kassner and Margaret Scarsdale (“Mariano’s move in 2 close races roils Democrats,” Page A1, Jan. 12).

Mariano and other House leadership would be well advised to heed the defense by the towns of Ipswich, Georgetown, and Rowley and Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin in the case brought by Republican incumbent Lenny Mirra to overturn Democrat Kassner’s one-vote victory — a challenge that has already been rejected by the trial and appellate courts.

The Massachusetts Constitution grants the House of Representatives the role of being “the judge of the returns, elections, and qualifications of its own members,” and the House should exercise its discretion to uphold the results yielded by longstanding, settled electoral processes. A proper election was held and careful recounts were taken under the watchful eyes of town officials, lawyers, and volunteers, with the advice and input of the relevant state official. Arguments were made and heard and decisions objectively rendered. What is left for the House special committee to do?

True leadership by the House would be to honor what has already taken place and decline to provide the two losing candidates in question a third bite at the apple.

Vivian Tseng

January 10, 2023

The Massachusetts Legislature made the national news last week, and not in a good way. MA House Speaker Mariano (D-3rd Norfolk) refused to swear in two duly elected Democratic representatives. Marc Elias, our nation’s premiere voting and elections lawyer, took time out from Arizona lawsuits to call Mariano’s decision “odd and unprecedented” Both elections went to a recount, and Secretary Galvin has certified their wins. Republicans are filing lawsuit as fast as they can be dismissed.

Mariano’s actions do not bode well for our democratic values. In a year where we hope to strengthen and protect democracy, he has chosen to take the side of election deniers.

You can read all the press about this here

Write or Call to demand that our duly elected Representatives are sworn in:

  1. Easy Email template from Progressive Mass is here

  2. Call Speaker Mariano at 617-722-2500

  3. Call or email committee member Rep Michael Day here

  4. Call or email committee member Rep Daniel Ryan here

  5. Call or email committee member Rep Brad Jones here

Messages to draw from:

1. From Galvin’s office: This office was not consulted regarding the decision of the Speaker and the House of Representatives, nor are we involved in their process. As far as this office is concerned, the results have been certified, and Secretary Galvin has issued certificates of election to Rep.-Elect Kassner and Rep.-Elect Scarsdale. We would recommend that you contact Speaker Ronald Mariano’s office at (617) 722-2500 to express your concerns and to learn more about how they intend to move forward in these districts.”

2. From Marc Elias: “In an odd and unprecedented decision, Massachusetts House Speaker Ron Mariano (D) paused the inauguration of two Democratic representatives-elect who narrowly won their races. In both instances, recounts confirmed the Democrats’ wins, which have been certified by the state. Now, defeated state Rep. Lenny Mirra (R) remains in office even though an automatic recount revealed that he lost by one vote. Mirra’s lawsuit has also already been tossed by a court.”

3. Inspired by David Pepper: In the current political climate where authoritarian forces are denying the outcome of fair elections, it irresponsible and outrageous to delay seating two representatives who won their recounts, were certified by both Secretary Galvin and the Governor’s Council, and won lawsuits against them. Massachusetts needs to be a leader of democratic principles, not feed dangerous election denialism.

Friday Jan 13, 10 AM and 2 PM: Attend the Hearings

State House News: House Committee To Hold Hearings On Contested Elections
Committee Members Democrat Michael Day, Democrat Daniel Ryan and House Minority Leader Brad Jones announced that they will hold hearings on the contested races. The panel will focus on the Second Essex District, which Democrat Kristin Kassner won by one vote over five-term Republican Rep. Lenny Mirra, at 10 a.m., followed by the First Middlesex District, which Democrat Margaret Scarsdale topped by seven votes over Republican challenger Andrew Shepherd, at 2 p.m.

A New Year’s Letter from the Indivisible Acton Area Steering Committee

Dear Indivisibles,

It’s New Year’s Eve, and so only natural to reflect on the past year. So much happened, it’s hard to believe that it was all contained in only the last twelve months.

What we would like to say is, thank you. Your efforts, big and small, made the difference this year. From Margaret Scarsdale winning by 11 votes to flip a red district here in Massachusetts, to our history-defying win of the Senate, to our crucial wins of prodemocracy leaders in Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Pennsylvania; it was the actions that you took that made the difference. And so our flame of democracy endures.

The last six years have taught us an important lesson. That flame does not endure without us to tend it. It does not endure without us to fight for it. It does not grow without us to stand up against hate, indifference and injustice.

The last few weeks we’ve rested, feasted, and reconnected with friends and family far and wide. Now it’s time to think about our goals for 2023, and my heart is full, knowing that you will include activism, here and across our nation.

The newsletter will be back weekly with opportunities - we’ll be watching for special elections and other ways to bolster our allies in the red states. Here in Massachusetts, we will take a page from David Pepper’s book and work to expand democratic values where ever we can as a counterpoint to the authoritarian forces we fight against.

So let’s get started!

Indivisible Acton Area is excited to cosponsor Concord Indivisible’s upcoming January 6 Actions: a candlelight vigil on January 6 and an inspiring program of guest speakers on Jan 7. Here is the link to RSVP.

See you there!

Happy New Year,

Indivisible Acton Area Steering Committee

Barbara, Christine, Denise, Hewon, Linda, Shaw, Stella, and Vivian