Protect Families

Families belong together in their communities. But Trump’s @DHSgov just rigged the rules against immigrants—forcing families to choose between health care, food & homes and a safe, stable future in the U.S. Get more information on how we can help protect immigrant families HERE. #ProtectFamilies

Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

A new report by Physicians for Human Rights has reaffirmed what we already know: that the separation of children and families at the border constitutes torture. This torture, combined with previous trauma from their home countries and the inhumane conditions and cruel practices of concentration camps in the U.S., will impact the mental and physical health of these families for their entire lives.

Let’s be sure to send a copy of the report to our members of Congress and highlight the recommendations listed at the end of the report. Then, let’s revisit this list of things we can do to help children and families at the border.

H/T Rogan’s List

Immigration Court Chaos

Shrouded in secrecy, the immigration courts run by the U.S. Department of Justice have been dysfunctional for years and have only gotten worse. A surge in the arrival of asylum seekers and the Trump administration’s crackdown on the Southwest border and illegal immigration have pushed more people into deportation proceedings, swelling the court’s docket to 1 million cases.”

Let’s use theAmerican Immigration Lawyers Association’s (AILA) link to contact our members of Congress in support of court reform to remedy this.

H/T Rogan’s List

Click HERE to learn how you can contribute time and/or money to organizations which support immigrant justice.

Here are other ways we can help immigrants and asylum seekers:

  • Every month our local Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) group provides free legal clinics for our neighbors struggling with the immigration process. Funds raised go toward hiring lawyers to staff these clinics. Acton Indivisible has assisted with these clinics by providing food and hospitality. To volunteer at a clinic, click HERE. Contributions can be sent to: New England Justice For Our Neighbors, Belmont-Watertown United Methodist Church, 421 Common St, Belmont MA 02478.

  • Call or write your state Senator and Representative and ask them to support the Safe Communities Act: S.1401 (Senator Jamie Eldridge) and H.3573 (Representatives Ruth Balser and Liz Miranda). Get more involved through the Massachusetts Safe Communities and Coalition.

  • Encourage our legislature to pass a “driver’s licenses for all” law. Learn more about Driving Families Forward. Support the Work and Mobility Act and sign the petition HERE. The Work and Family Mobility Act would enable all qualified state residents to apply for a standard Massachusetts driver’s license, regardless of immigrant status, while keeping our Commonwealth in full compliance with REAL ID requirements.

  • Donate HERE to protect TPS where that is still possible and to win more permanent protection for TPS recipients.

    TPS holders’ children have created a play explaining how this administration’s cruelty has affected them. Watch it HERE.

Other resources

Find out more about local immigrant Justice Accompaniment Networks.