REMEMBER - There are NO off years! #democracy is a verb.

Think Local

It’s local election season! Check your town websites for the dates of your local elections and Town Meetings.

Think about running for office!

MA Legislature

The 193rd General Court — 2023 — First Annual Session

National and Federal work

Stay up to date by checking our sister website for the latest projects.

There is a postcarding effort for Special Election in Wisconsin for a Supreme Court seat. Read more HERE.

Candidate and Campaign Policy and Etiquette

Indivisible Acton welcomes candidates and their staff. In order to assure productive, fair and healthy discourse between campaigns and Indivisible Acton members these policies have been put in place. Please see our Candidate and Campaign Etiquette and Policy document.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the membership coordinator Christine B.

Social Media Policy for the Primaries

Click HERE to see Indivisible Acton-Area’s social media policy for the primaries.